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Itron Water meter

Piston Type Volumetric Water Meter

Smart Water Meter

With more than twenty million units installed worldwide, a new release of Aquadis+ has been conceived

to exceed accuracy and reliability for all residential applications.

Flostar M
Single Jet Meter

Engineered for reliability and built upon 20 years of industry-leading design, Itron’s Flostar M is the best

the choice for drinking water metering in commercial and industrial applications.

Single Jet Meter for Commercial and Industrial Application

Nevos Brass

Piston Type Volumetric Water Meter

Hong Kong use Smart Water Meter

Nevos high accuracy performances help you reduce your Non Revenue Water level due to metering ineffi ciencies. 

AnyQuest Cyble

Radio Module for Remote Wter Meter Reading

MIU wireless

AnyQuest Cyble has been designed to fulfill requirements of all water management

utilities willing to remote read their water meters by radio in a mobile AMR.

Woltex M

Horizontal Woltmann Meter

Horizontal Woltmann Meter

Woltex M is a horizontal Woltmann meter available in sizes from DN 50 to 500.

With its extended accuracy range it is dedicated to all applications around water​


All in One - Ultrasonic Water Meter

Intelis Ultrasonic meter

Intelis combines last end ultrasonic measurement technology with high performing radio frequency

communication to help Water Utilities in revenue protection

S-3D / RJ-1

Flow Straighteners

Flow straighteners

 Flow straighteners are designed to avoid the

negative effects that flow disturbance might

generate on metering.

Type "H" Strainer

Installation of filters is strongly recommended for

application where the water is temporarily or

permanently loaded with particles, in order to

protect the meter investment

Cyble M-BUS

water meter remote reading with M-Bus protocol

Itron Wired M-Bus

The Cyble M-Bus suits to remote

reading applications through M-Bus

networks in residential, commercial and

industrial uses. It provides all relevant

data according to EN 1434-3 and

EN 13757-3.

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