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Blackhall Valvologists
Large Gate Valve

Metal Seated Gate valves are widely used for pipeline isolation in the water industry, typical applications include pump suction, pump discharge and upstream control valve isolation for large bore sizes.)

Isolation Valve
Lagest Gate Valve 1.jpg
Fixed Cone Valve

The Fixed Cone valve is typically used for free discharging control at a terminal point of a pipe or culvert at the base of a dam or reservoir stilling basin. They are also commonly used for turbine bypass, or continuous discharge in low control applications such as compensation duties. 

FCV 1.jpg
Larner Johnson Valve / Needle Valve

The Larner-Johnson®valve is used for in-line pressure or flow control applications and offers fine (full range) adjustment.

The valve can also be used for free discharge control at pressures above that of the Fixed Cone valve. 

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